Discover the top 5 Vastu benefits for yogis

vastu benefits for yogis

Imagine if your yoga practice and spiritual development could be supported by your home. Every time you step in, you feel more aligned and connected to your soul.   As soon as you arrive to your home after a long day at work, you feel as if you’d be arriving to your temple: getting a satvic and rejuvenating space for your body, mind and soul.   That is the purpose of the Indian Vedic science of Vastu Shastra!   Vastu was born not only for the construction of Indian temples and palaces but also for private homes as it treats homes like a sacred space. Architecture


What’s Vastu Shastra and why they call it: “the yoga of architecture”


Every time people ask me what my job is and I mention the word “Vastu Shastra”, I notice that almost no one has heard of it. In Europe people know about yoga, have heard of ayurveda, astrology…but Vaastu? Nope! (This is when they ask me if it’s like Feng Shui, but this is a question that I will better answer in another post…) A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that she had found a book about Vastu Shastra in Spanish with the subtitle of “the yoga of architecture”. It made me laugh


How to create a good altar with Feng Shui

In this post I will give you 5 basic key points on how to create a good altar with Feng Shui. However, I also recommend you this other post where I explain how to create a good altar with Vastu Shastra. (If you have never heard of Vastu, it is like "the yoga of architecture". Here I explain its similarities and differences with Feng Shui) It is always useful to have at home a holy space to switch off from your daily life and connect with yourself. A place to think, meditate, relax, pray, make offers and so on. That’s part


Knitting is not the new yoga

A couple of months ago, during Christmas, I fancied to learn to knit. I had already made myself a scarf some time ago but wanted to learn a little more with my mother. The idea of selecting the wool, the colors and create a garment manually by yourself attracted me a lot. My surprise was to find a bit later a kind of urban legend on social networks saying


The Holy Land Yoga means "union with God" and today, much to my regret, I bring a clear example of what is NOT union, and less with God. This is a video preview of the Seder-Masochism animated film made ​​by the producer and cartoonist Nina Pailey which is entitled "This land is mine". I was very touched, it reflects very well the origin of the conflict between Israel and Palestine for the Holy Land throughout the history. It's great! (You definitely have to watch it…) Peace, calm, love and joy are 4 of the 8 aspects of God that seem to have been forgotten


Finding Happiness

Today I attached the trailer of a very special film that will soon hit theatres in Europe. This is the story of a journalist doing research on the lifestyle of a spiritual community in the United States, which has centres all over the world, to spread the teachings of yoga. It is in one of these communities of Ananda where I entered fully into the world of yoga. It was in India where I met some of the teachers who appear in this trailer and I must say it was an experience that changed my life completely, leading me towards more