The 7 best Indian decor stores

las siete mejores tiendas de decoracion india

In today's post I show you the best online Indian decor stores. I've discovered most of them in the last few months and, for me, they're the best ones! I'm a big fan of Indian handicrafts but it's hard for me here to find quality design that combines tradition and modernity.   One of Vastu parameters that's not often mentioned out there is the importance of beauty. Creating beautiful spaces and surrounding yourself with high-quality objects that you love, made of natural materials that inspire you and are useful in your daily life is also important. This is called 'decoration' and I


When and how to do an energetic cleansing at home


In Vastu, it's a common practice to do pujas. Pujas are rituals of purification, blessing, etc. But this post is more focused on when and how to do an energy cleansing in your house.   The practices that am going to share with you here were not learned from any Vastu teacher or books. They're standard rituals that I've been learning over the years through my experience and learning in yoga circles. They're very simple rituals based on intuition and common sense that will surely resonate with you if you're a sensitive to the energies that surround you.   There are key moments, recommended


5 Essential Vastu tips to uplift your home’s energy

vastu tips to improve home vibration

I’ve been in India since a month ago and, this time, as I have been looking for an apartment here, I have been observing more in detail all the buildings in my surroundings. Many friends around me often ask me: How is the Vastu of this and that place? And, I have to explain them that, whenever some basics parameters are not met at first sight, I don’t even bother to do a deeper Vastu analysis.   I have to admit that some of those basic parameters come from my Western architectural mindset: I expect to find spaces properly built, executed with


3 reasons why Vastu is not Hindu

Vastu is not Hindu

Hi dear! Here I am, ready to share with you 3 reasons why Vastu is not Hindu! Since I started to study and practice Vastu Shastra, I noticed there’re all sort of myths, misunderstandings and superficial judgements about it. And, every time I share that I’m doing a doctoral thesis on Vastu Shastra for Christian Spiritual Well-being… I often hear a…”But, Vastu is Hindu!”. (And, my face is like…LOL)   Vastu is not a well-known subject in the West and, what is practiced in India, is very often a distorted version that differs very much from the original knowledge. I understand there are


How to use the mirror effect in Yoga to improve your relationships

efecto espejo en yoga

If in the previous post I told you where to place the mirrors at home according to Vastu Shastra and, in this post, we will talk about how to use the mirror effect in Yoga to improve your personal relationships. They are two different paths for the same goal: to optimize your inner temple’s energy through your environment.    Maybe you're still wondering