How to harmonize your home with Vastu and Yoga for spiritual growth

Cómo armonizar tu casa con Vastu

How to harmonize your home with Vastu and Yoga for spiritual growth

There’re many levels to harmonize your home with Vastu and in this post I will show you an easy method that you can apply yourself. Imagine getting home after a hard day’s work and feeling that you are entering a wellness temple: a sattvick and rejuvenating space for your body, mind and soul. And you may be wondering… How can I get that? Well, in this post I am going to reveal my method to harmonize your home with Vastu while working on your spiritual growth, combining it with Yoga principles.


Obviously it’s not the same as if you do Vastu corrections with a professional, but it’s an ideal method to harmonize the space yourself, while harmonizing your inner temple.


Its a profound system in which you use your home and your personal belongings as tools for your inner transformation. The objective is to harmonize you from the outside to the inside: your external temple (your home) with your internal temple for spiritual growth and well-being.


And what does it consist of? The system consists of 4 steps:

  1. Conscious space clearing
  2. Cleaning
  3. Purification
  4. Blessing


I explain each of these steps in detail in my online course How to harmonize your home for spiritual growth with Vastu and Yoga, but in this post I will give you a brief overview of each step so that you can start applying them today.


Are you ready to harmonize your home with Vastu & Yoga? Ok! Let’s go!


1.Conscious space clearing


Ordering systems for tidy up at home have become very popular since years ago to get rid of the things you no longer use and maintain visual order at home. And they’re great!


Buuuut…what happens when you can’t get rid of all those things “just in case you need them” (when you haven’t really touched them in the last 6-7 years)? Or you say to yourself…”I’ll order it later” but weeks go by, the weeks turn into months and when the day finally arrives to do it you tell yourself “I can’t be bothered…”. Or it turns out that you have so many memories of your ex at home, or your previous job or the old version of you! Every time you think about dealing with all that “stuff” your stomach shrinks and you prefer to look away.


This is all normal and they’re called “resistances”. Resistances to letting go, to detach from your current environment to make room for the new. Conscious space clearing offers guidelines to detect where these resistances come from to overcome them, it offers greater awareness towards who we are, heal aspects of ourselves that we may have ignored and learning at deep levels.


It’s about putting order in your home with all your belongings in a conscious way using your presence, self-observation and attention to the space in you & around you that drains your energy on a physical, mental, emotional and etheric level.


Your home and your belongings are a reflection of you, what’s outside is inside. They symbolize your past and your present. When you start moving them, you’re touching deep aspects within yourself too. And when you start to let go, you are creating space for the new, improving the energy flow and not only in your home but in your life too!


You can start with a drawer, observing your thoughts, emotions and your body’s reactions to every single thing you take out of it. Get rid of what you no longer use or don’t vibrate with you. If you notice resistances, ask yourself where they come from. You’ll be surprised!


Ideally, you should start in the corner of the room that you use the most and gradually move to other areas of the house that you feel need more attention.




The question here is not what you clean but how it’s done. By this I am not referring to the cleaning products you use or the best tricks to make your bathroom tiles look like gold…


In the “how” it’s cleaned, I refer to the consciousness you put into it. Each part of our home is connected to an aspect of our consciousness and if we approach it with the right attitude, we will be cleaning aspects of our inner being too. (Amazing, isn’t it? )


For example, practicing karma yoga while cleaning the house, cleaning the window to see things more clearly as if you were getting rid of that mental “fog”, cleaning your heart of all impurities through the bathroom or simply practicing japa (continuous repetition of mantras) while doing housework will not only help you increase your vibration but the one of you home as well!


harmonize your home with vastu




There’re lots of rituals to purify a space… in my online course I explain several ones following the 5 elements: air, earth, water, fire and ether to achieve a deep purification, get rid of vibrations from old tenants or simply harmonize the energy that surrounds you.


Here I will explain one using the air element. You can do it with frankincense, palo santo or a sprig of sage:


1) Open all the windows and doors of the house. Ventilate for a while to purify the air.

2) Burn palo santo, a sprig of white sage, or frankincense at the front door.

3) If you choose incense for example, carry the smoke from the incense stick to all corners of the house from the main door, tracing a sacred symbol and/or reciting a mantra, affirmation and prayer. Walk through the corners of your home in a clockwise direction if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere from the front door and anti-clockwise if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere.


This will help ventilate, neutralize low-frequency vibrations, purify and harmonize the environment, promoting balance and well-being.




Who would like a home to be blessed and protected by the Divine? Here I’m going to reveal a very simple tip. You can do it yourself by placing the image of the God, Goddess, Guru, Saint or Angel of your devotion next to the main door entrance so that it blesses and protects your home. Do it with a prayer, invoking its presence.


Vastu offers several guidelines for blessing spaces placing sacred symbols in very specific places of the house. They vary depending on the religion or belief system of the owner so it’s important to honour your belief system here (if you want to know more about this, in my on-line course I explain it in more detail).


A few days ago, I read that in Yoga, if you change the way you move your body energy, you can change your mental and emotional state. For Vastu is the same: if you change the energy of the space around you, your inner state also changes, promoting peace and well-being.


In my 4-step method I combine various Vastu and Yoga techniques. If you’re interested in learning more about it and embarking on a process of inner transformation through your home, I would be very happy to guide you in this online course How to harmonize your home for spiritual growth.


You will have a more harmonious home but, most importantly, it’s what you will achieve during the process: grow in awareness, discernment, detachment and happiness.


With light and love,