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When and how to do an energetic cleansing at home


In Vastu, it's a common practice to do pujas. Pujas are rituals of purification, blessing, etc. But this post is more focused on when and how to do an energy cleansing in your house.   The practices that am going to share with you here were not learned from any Vastu teacher or books. They're standard rituals that I've been learning over the years through my experience and learning in yoga circles. They're very simple rituals based on intuition and common sense that will surely resonate with you if you're a sensitive to the energies that surround you.   There are key moments, recommended


7 Vastu tips for your desk to improve focus at work

If you need to gain concentration, here I give you some Vastu and yogic tips that will help you improve focus at work.  Working from home is not always easy, especially if you have kids around! Is it familiar to you? It's important to set an appropriate working environment that supports your concentration to be more productive. During the last weeks of confinement due to Covid-19, I had to work from home. I've been involved in academic writing that required a lot of focus and, during the process, I observed certain instinctive practices in me that helped me a lot to be


3 Tips to make the most of your quarantine at home

This is a special post am publishing due to the global pandemic we are most of us going through right now. So, I would like to share with you 3 tips to make the most of this quarantine at home. For that, I've decided to make a video! (ladies and gentlemen…am finally inaugurating my Youtube channel!!!! ) They are three points that I discuss how to make the most of this quarantine at home, no matter in which country you are right now. You can also read below the key points am sharing: It's time to go within Find the positive things


How to improve your bedroom for a better sleep

I noticed that many people have issues to sleep properly at night. Is that your case too? Then, this post is for you! I will tell you all you need to know to improve your bedroom for a better sleep. Sleep properly is very important for your health, well-being and performance in your daily life. However, people don't usually pay that much attention to their bed or room environment. That's why I created this post.   There are many things your could do to your bedroom to improve your sleep and rest. I will go straight to the point and mention to your