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Healing sessions

Interior design for the mind, body and soul
The method

Healing sessions 1:1 , in person or through videoconference no matter where your are. In these sessions I combine techniques recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) such as Reiki with coaching based on yogic philosophy, working at a psychological, emotional, spiritual and subtle levels.

My research in sacred space, the practice of kriya yoga, prayer and daily meditation since 2013 allow me to intuitively detect the root of many problems.

My personal experience

After trying everything in traditional medicine for my migraines and not finding any successful solution for more than 15 years, I tried Reiki. My headaches were reduced  80% so I ended up becoming a Reiki Master for self-treatment. At that moment, I also started on the path of yoga and meditation, discovering in myself healing skills that I was not aware of. And it was in 2013 when the extraordinary testimonies received from the friends and family I treated that encouraged myself to also serve you.

‘You can’t do work on yourself and not do work on the space you live.


And you can’t do work on the space you live and not do work on yourself.’

(Elizabeth Gilbert)

Your house is a true reflection of yourself.
As it’s inside it ‘s outside and as it ‘s outside, it ‘s inside.

That’s why I offer personalized healing sessions combined with personal & spiritual coaching. Many of these sessions are a perfect complement to the Vastu Shastra corrections I may do in your home or business because they will help you harmonize with the new energy change that your space will have.

However, it’s not necessary to hire a Vastu service to try these sessions! (In fact, I have patients who still don’t know that I do Vastu … 😉

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world…

Remote sessions
How do we do it?

1) If this is your first time with me, let’s make an appointment online to meet each other through videoconference before the session.

2) During the session, the ideal would be that you lie down to relax and enjoy the energy that you will be receiving although it is not strictly necessary.

3) Once the session is over, we’ll talk again to give you my feedback and here starts the counseling & couching part if you need it.

These sessions are for you if…

…you feel identified with any of the following points:

Would you like to know the root of a specific problem? Many people get answers in their first session.

You feel the need to do an inner work to heal wounds and blockages from the past.

You are going through a period of work, emotional or mental stress and you need to relax.

You are a spiritual seeker fully devoted to your personal development and you'd like to know more about your Self.

You feel blocked in your life or with a particular situation and you need to solve it.

We have made the Vastu's corrections in your space and we need to harmonize your energy with it.


For sessions in person and in remote:

  • 491 session
    • 60-90 min./session
    • In-person or remote via videoconference (equally effective)
    • Recommended for those who want to try, get counselling or just relax and enjoy

  • 1804 sessions
    • 60-90 min./session
    • In-person or remote via videoconference (equally effective)
    • Recommended bonus to obtain tangible results in different aspects and note their benefits.

  • 1453 sessions
    • 30-60 min./session
    • Only in person
    • Recommended for those who have had some surgical operations or accident and have sequels after being cured.


With 1 session, you’ll get…

A feeling of relaxation, peace and well-being.

Answers to a specific question.

Relief of a physical or emotional pain.

With 4 sessions, you’ll get…

A treatment to notice significant changes and a more tangible improvement.

Guidelines and recommendations to heal your wounds, blockages or achieve your purpose.

Relief of a physical or emotional pain for a longer time, leading to healing.

This pack is for you if…

You have had surgical operations long time ago but you notice some troubles in that area.

If you are going to make Vastu corrections and you have had surgical operations, you need this pack to seal your energy body in order to get aligned with that space.

The ones who have tried it, they say:

Their testimonies: