Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

Today I attached the trailer of a very special film that will soon hit theatres in Europe. This is the story of a journalist doing research on the lifestyle of a spiritual community in the United States, which has centres all over the world, to spread the teachings of yoga.

It is in one of these communities of Ananda where I entered fully into the world of yoga. It was in India where I met some of the teachers who appear in this trailer and I must say it was an experience that changed my life completely, leading me towards more healthy habits.

I vividly remember my first days there; I did not know what an agnostic version of myself was doing in a place like that. That seemed to me a sort of hippie community where “peace and love” was felt everywhere and sees that I did not look current. It did not seem normal to live in a place where everyone helps each other selflessly with a big smile and pray to God alone. I asked myself constantly…..what am I doing here?

The days went by and I got to know the amazing stories of many people who lived there happily away from the “conventional” world. I finally realized that many of the basic fundamental values ​​that we have are lost whilst living in a competitive world full of stress and outrageous consumerism.

I remember in my first yoga class I had an American scientist as a teacher and he told us that happiness is found within us and that we could achieve it through meditation. I did not pay much attention but after a few months of practice … I found in my own flesh: my interior design was changing; I was finding happiness.

This is definitely a movie that will surprise many souls and people who crave a better world.  Most definitely recommend it!!

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