Discover the top 5 Vastu benefits for yogis

vastu benefits for yogis

Discover the top 5 Vastu benefits for yogis

Imagine if your yoga practice and spiritual development could be supported by your home. Every time you step in, you feel more aligned and connected to your soul.


As soon as you arrive to your home after a long day at work, you feel as if you’d be arriving to your temple: getting a satvic and rejuvenating space for your body, mind and soul.


That is the purpose of the Indian Vedic science of Vastu Shastra!


Vastu was born not only for the construction of Indian temples and palaces but also for private homes as it treats homes like a sacred space. Architecture is considered the highest of all arts and in India, all arts are meant to connect man with the Divine.


Vastu Shastra comes out of Yoga Shastra. If the purpose of yoga is to align body, mind and soul through pranayama, the purpose of Vastu is to connect the cosmic space with your body space through the building space on Earth. So, it helps to support your alignment.


And, how can you translate its benefits into your daily life?


That’s exactly what I would like to share with you in this post. If you are a yogi or a spiritual seeker, the benefits you could experience in your practice are as follows:

vastu benefits for yogis


Top 5 Vastu benefits for yogis or spiritual seekers

The main Vastu benefits for yogis or spiritual seekers are as follows:


1. You’re more aligned with your Self

The main goal of Vastu is to support your spiritual development, helping you be more aligned and centred in your Self so it is easier for you to progress in the path. Your home becomes a sacred space, a temple of rejuvenation if you also add the right intention to it.


2. You get more clarity of mind

This is the most common feedback I hear from my clients after doing the Vastu energy corrections to their homes. It is easier for them to make the right decisions and get more clarity regarding the direction of their lives. (This is actually a side effect of being more aligned and centred 😉


3. You feel more cosy at home

I’m sure you have heard the typical “home, sweet home”, right? Ok, Vastu gives you that but in a more transcendental way. You feel more safe and protected but you can’t really figure out the reason. It’s like being inside a sacred shelter.


4. Your energy gets uplifted

Vastu creates uplifting spaces in harmony with Mother Nature and Divine laws so if the energy of the space where you live is high, satvic, full of good vibes…it will automatically uplift you!


5. It supports your physical health and well-being

Vastu tries to harmonise the basic elements of your body (pancha boothas) with the ones of your home to support your health and well-being.

If there is one element in your home (fire, water, air, earth or ether) not located in the right spot, it can create different health issues for you or your family. (If you’re interested to see if you currently live in a healthy place, I recommend you to check out this post ).


If there are energy blockages in your body, the flow of prana doesn’t flow properly and this will ultimately lead to health issues, right? Well, the same principle happens with your home and this is something I always check when I do Vastu consultations and corrections.


What if your house has not been designed and constructed according to Vastu?


Welcome to the club!

This happens to almost everybody, specially if your live in a flat or apartment and, there are many things that could be corrected and amended without demolitions. So you could apply its principles to your new home or to the one you already have.


I myself noticed these 5 benefits in the two homes I had, after doing the Vastu energy corrections. And now with the pandemic, as I spend much more time indoors, I feel blessed and more connected to my Self.


I must say that each house and space is unique so the approach is also be unique. Sometimes there are issues that are not easy to amend but I have also seen incredible changes in people’s life’s after correcting their homes or business following Vastu principles.


It is really worth it investing in your home with things that make you feel good. Your home is a reflection of your inner space and you may already know the principle of Hermes Trismegistus:


“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”


I see this principle in Vastu and you can’t imagine how much the space you live in is influencing the different aspects of your life.


I hope yours is supporting you! If you have any doubt, you can leave a message bellow or drop me an e-mail and I will be very happy to help you.


Sending you lots of love and light,




*Image: photo by César Bejar / Project: Luum Temple designed by Co-Lab Design Office