Here I teach you to design the temple of your soul

I combine the wisdom of Vastu Shastra and Geobiology with the philosophy of Yoga in an easy, practical and enjoyable way so you can implement it yourself!

How to harmonize your home for spiritual growth, with Vastu & Yogic tips

In this course I teach you not only to harmonize and transform the energy of your home but yours as well. It’s in a step-by-step system that will help you turn your home into a temple of well-being while getting closer to your Self, combining the wisdom of Vastu with Yoga principles.

Vastu Shastra for starters

In this course I teach you the basic principles of Vastu to design a house from scratch, analyze yours or that of your patients. You will discover how the space affects your health and well-being. If you are an architect, designer, therapist or yogi, this course is for you!

How do develop your intuition with yoga principles

In this course for beginners I teach you to effectively tune into that inner guidance following the principles of yoga, how to develop your intuition to make the right decisions in your personal and professional life solving the most common obstacles of the mental space.

How to design your commercial space to attract more customers

In this course I teach you how to improve the energy of your business by using sensory design and Vastu. You learn how to make a more inspiring place that you and your clients love.