When and how to do an energetic cleansing at home


When and how to do an energetic cleansing at home

In Vastu, it’s a common practice to do pujas. Pujas are rituals of purification, blessing, etc. But this post is more focused on when and how to do an energy cleansing in your house.


The practices that am going to share with you here were not learned from any Vastu teacher or books. They’re standard rituals that I’ve been learning over the years through my experience and learning in yoga circles. They’re very simple rituals based on intuition and common sense that will surely resonate with you if you’re a sensitive to the energies that surround you.


There are key moments, recommended situations and specific dates to do energy cleansing. I will explain each of them below. Ready?


Let’s start!


when and how to do an energetic cleansing at home

When is the best time to do an energetic cleansing:


→ Key moments:


When moving to a new house or apartment:

The energy of the people and the activities they perform in a certain space leave a vibration impregnated in the environment. That vibration can be high or low, dense or subtle. So, if you move to a new place, the ideal is to do an “energy reset”, cleansing it of any residual vibration that may have been left there from the previous owner or tenants.

If you’re going through a bad period:

If you’re going through one of those periods in life where everything seems to go backwards or everything seems to be blocked… move the energy! Move the furniture from their current lay out, get rid of the old things, the broken ones, what you no longer use, clean the clutter, ventilate and renew energies with an energetic cleansing.

After passing an illness, period of stress or anguish:

After being sick, especially if you have been in bed, the first thing to do is to wash the bedding clothes, clean the bedroom, tidy it up, ventilate, clean the house physically and energetically to open up to a new stage of well-being.

To welcome a new family member:

If a new baby arrives in the family, a friend or relative moves to live with you, doing an energetic cleaning will help prepare the space for them to feel more comfortable and welcomed. 

When your intuition tells you to do so:

It’s common to feel the need of an energetic cleansing in your home when you’re going through internal changes and you’re willing to move forward, leaving old patterns behind. If you’re seeking to manifest a change outside or you simply notice that the energy doesn’t flow as before…listen to yourself, your inner Self knows will ask you to do an energetic cleansing. 



when to do an energetic cleansing at home


Recommended situations:


After a stage of dramas at home:

If you’ve been through a period of constant arguments, emotional dramas, etc… it’s a recommended time to do an energy cleanse and release any bad vibes that may have remained in the environment.

If you have a traffic of people at home:

If you work from home and have a constant influx of clients (even online), it’s advisable to do an energy cleanse on a regular basis, when your body asks for it. Or at least once a month.

To celebrate the change of season

The change of season is a good time to do an energetic cleaning, especially if you change the wardrobe from winter to summer or vice versa.


→ Specific dates:


Before important religious celebrations

Doing an energetic cleansing before certain dates in which we decorate the house and receive guests (such as Diwali or Christmas), will further enhance the light or positive energy that we want to attract in those celebrations.

On the full moon or new moon

You can do energy cleansing in alignment with the lunar cycles. If you do it on a new moon, its energy will help you align with new beginnings, leaving the old behind. If you do it on a full moon, its energy will help you promote change, helping you connect with your inner strength.


How to do an energy cleaning in your home or office, easily and simply:

There are many ways to do energy cleansing: energy channeling, with sound using Tibetan bowls, with salt, incense, etc. Here I am going to leave you 4 very easy ways for your to choose the one that best suits you, although the ideal would be do all four, in order:


1. Clean and clear the clutter:


Cleaning and clearing the clutter giving order to the space is basic. This involves getting rid of the old stuff, removing boxes and junk that you don’t use, broken items or things you no longer need. A lot of energy moves in this process and I recommend starting here if order is not your strengh.


how to do an energetic cleansing at home


2.Salt in the corners:


Salt is a purifying element since ancient times. A very easy way to do an energetic cleansing is to place a handful of natural salt in each corner of the house for 24-48 hours. This will help absorb stagnant or low vibration energy that tends to accumulate there. Then you vacuum or clean it and immediately throw it out of the house. It’s important that the salt is natural, table salt that’s used for cooking is worthless because it’s refined.


3.Burn incense:


Burning herbs or incense and spreading its smoke throughout the space is a very common practice when doing energy cleansing. Orthodox Christians do it all the time in their churches to purify the environment so why not in your house too? I recommend accompanying this process with a prayer or drawing a sacred symbol for each corner of the house that you spread the smoke. The methodology I recommend to do is the following:


– Set an intention before you start
– Start from the front door and go clockwise if you live in the Northen Hemisphere and counterclockwise if you live in the Southern Hemisphere
– Pay special attention to the corners and draw on them a holy symbol in the air with the smoke of the inciense stick
– Do it while reciting a mantra/prayer or you can also play music while you do it
– Be present and visualize how the space is purifying, every room and corner


The most recommended incense for energy cleansing are: sandalwood incense, frankincense or copal. You can also burn a bouquet of white sage or palo santo.


4.Floor cleaning:


Many times I add a handful of salt to the bucket with water and soap with which I am going to scrub. However, I am going to leave you a better recipe to clean the floor, window frames and doorknobs. You can adapt it to your needs, yes, don’t forget to wear gloves! What you need is the following:


– 1 bucket of water, full
– 5 lemons, add their juice to the water
– 1 cup of salt
– ¼ cup ammonia
– You can add the essential oil or fragrance that you prefer.


It’s a great recipe to clean and purify but I don’t recommend it if you have a wooden floor because the astringent power of lemon could damage it. The most important ingredient of all is that you do it with love, with high energy. You can play some high vibe music while you clean to get inspired 🙂


On the other hand, if you would like to go deeper into this topic to transform and harmonize the energy of your home, I recommend you my online course How to harmonize your home for spiritual growth, with Vastu and Yoga. In it you will learn my 4-step method to harmonize your home:


1.Conscious space clearing 


The objective is to harmonize from the outside in: your external temple (your house) with your internal temple for spiritual growth and well-being. You can take the course at your own pace and it’s already available here.


I hope this post will be useful for you to do an energy cleanse at home!


With light and love,