5 Essential Vastu tips to uplift your home’s energy

vastu tips to improve home vibration

5 Essential Vastu tips to uplift your home’s energy

I’ve been in India since a month ago and, this time, as I have been looking for an apartment here, I have been observing more in detail all the buildings in my surroundings. Many friends around me often ask me: How is the Vastu of this and that place? And, I have to explain them that, whenever some basics parameters are not met at first sight, I don’t even bother to do a deeper Vastu analysis.


I have to admit that some of those basic parameters come from my Western architectural mindset: I expect to find spaces properly built, executed with care, well maintained and clean. That might be considered a luxury here but for me is something basic. Sadly, in India they often construct very bad and the maintenance of the buildings is careless.


One day, the following thought crossed my mind: “I can’t believe that Vastu came from India, it’s very difficult to see it properly implemented”. Some principles are there but just some or only a few to make it “Vastu compliant”. That makes me feel sad.

Yogananda said that what the ancient sages of India taught, has been lost and forgotten. I am aware that’s the case with Vastu Shastra, what is being practiced nowadays is a superficial, distorted and fragmentary approach to it.


At this point, if you’re still wondering about those basic parametres I pay attention to every time I enter into a space in India, they’re as follows: effective design, material care and cleanliness. The right combination of those three can create a comfortable environment and make you feel at ease. However, I rarely find it here. Those are tangible aspects we have mastered in the West but in India, it seems they appreciate more other intangible characteristics in a space.


Vastu is a combination of matter and spirit so is not one way or another, it’s a balance of both! Without balance, there’s no harmony. Material comfort should be there, otherwise the mind cannot be focused on spiritual realms because the body is not at ease (unless you’re a super advanced yogi…) 


So, how could you improve your home or office space based on that? Let’s start with 5 essential Vastu tips you can implement in your home to uplift its energy and make it more cosy. They are as follows:


essential vastutips to uplift your home vibration


1.Clear the clutter


Surround yourself only with what you use, need & love. Everything else, can be gone! Tidy up all clutter and pick up things you have around you, and let go what you no longer use or love. I know it’s easier to say than to do and that’s because there are many inner resistances, specially on a mental and emotional level. In other words, excuses such as: “It can be used later on” (but you haven’t touched it for the last 5 years…) or “what if I need it again?” (you keep it but when you need it in the future you have already forgotten that you had it …) or “this reminds me of our wedding” (a gift your aunt gave you, you never loved it but is placed at the entrance door of your home to please her).

A simple exercise is to grab every single item and ask to yourself:


Do I love it? Does it make me happy?

Do I use it?

Do I need it?

Does it give value to my life?

Do I imagine my future with this?


If you have answered ‘no to the previous questions, then, it’s time to let it go. This exercise requires lots of honesty with yourself! (If you struggle with it, you can go deeper into conscious space clearing, I teach all about it in my on-line course How to harmonize your home for spiritual growth).


2. Clean properly


Well, there are two main ways for cleaning: physical cleaning and energetic cleaning.

For now, let’s talk about physical cleaning as it’s directly linked with the previous point I’ve just mentioned.


When a space is properly clean, it sparks harmony and well-being. I don’t remember where I recently read that angels and light beings only come where there is cleanliness (perhaps that’s why cleanliness is practiced in many religions, not only in the seeker, but also in sacred spaces).


The consciousness, love and care you put into it also matters and will leave a beautiful print in what you’re cleaning. This takes me to the next point…


3. Apply the right consciousness


What do I mean by using ‘the right’ consciousness?

The consciousness and energy behind every act changes everything. For example, let’s say you hate ironing, it’s not the same that you iron the clothes of your beloved ones as an act of love and self-offering to them than to do it to fulfil their expectations. The first attitude has a lot of merit, sharing your love as a work of service to others while the second attitude has implied a “I do it because I have to but, I hate it”.


Swami Kriyananda said: “Everything is consciousness and if you bring consciousness to what you’re doing, then you will find that it can help you. The more sensitive you are, the more nature itself will start to work with you.” So, being aware of it is the first step, the second step is to consciously change it.  


Vastu considers the home as a living entity so the consciousness, care and love you put into it can be perceived and appreciated, whether you believe it or not. It’s all energy!


vastu tips to improve your home vibes

4. Re-arrange the furniture lay-out, using intuition


Changing the furniture lay out will move the energy of the entire house, and, if you do it properly, you will feel more uplifted.


I can give you two simple Vastu tips for that:

a) use your intuition

The furniture layout should primary respond to your needs but there are many different possibilities for organizing it in a way that makes sense. When I say “make sense”, I not only mean in a practical way, but also making sense to your body senses. Move the furniture, stop and feel the space. How does your body react? Does it feel more expansive? Use your intuition to sense what option will work best for you and your family.


b) leave the central area of each room empty

I recommend you to leave the central area of each room with no furniture, wherever possible. If the central part of the room is empty, it will feel more spacious and the prana energy will flow better through the entire room. That will help you to have an expansive feeling in your heart every time you enter the room.


By the way, if you have doubts about mirrors, this post on where to place mirrors following Vastu will help you.


5. Use natural materials, wherever possible


Nowadays is very common to have at home plastic objects, synthetic textiles, vinyl finishes imitating natural materials, plastic paint in the walls…And, perhaps at this stage you can’t change the materials of the continent (your home) but you can change the content (the décor and your belongings). So, surround yourself with natural materials at home wherever possible.


It makes a huge difference to change for example the textiles, introducing carpets made with natural materials (wool, silk or raffia), cotton or linen for curtains, bedsheets, sofas, cushions, etc It will make you feel more cosy and closer to nature. You will notice the difference!


I hope these Vastu tips to uplift your home give you the inspiration to improve your living spaces.


Sending you lots of love and light,