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Vastu corrections

For healthier spaces in harmony with nature
Traditional Vedic architecture

Coming from Sanskrit, vāstu (place, building) and śāstra (science, teaching) are the set of texts forming the traditional architectural system of the Vedas, though some people simply prefer to call it “the yoga of architecture”. Vastu deals with the laws of nature’s influence on human constructions where energy (prāṇa) plays an essential role. It is an integral discipline that includes the distribution of the rooms, the construction, the materials, the shape and arrangement of the elements, circulations, ornamentation, etc. Its purpose is to harmonize the space of the body with the space of the cosmos through the architectural space for the personal and spiritual growth of people.

These principles normally need to be considered in the design process but the Vastu remedies are for all buildings already built. I can correct the defects energetically, with no demolitions! 🙂

Influence of nature

Geobiology is an interdisciplinary science that studies the influence of different elements of the earth on living beings such as cosmotelluric radiations, underground water courses, faults, different types of waves and vibrations, etc. Already in ancient Egypt, China, America or India knew these forces and they built taking these influxes of energy from the earth and the cosmos in consideration. In fact, geobiology is part of Vastu Shastra even though were not calling it that way at the time. Physicists, doctors and dowsers have shown their influence on the behaviour of plants, trees, animals and humans.

Geobiology is an essential part within Vastu. Most of Western buildings nowadays don’t consider these premises and geopathies can create very negative effects on people. I amend their negative influence with the Vastu corrections.

This service is for you if…

You need to solve a specific problem that we've previously identified in a consultancy and you don't want to do works or demolitions.

You'd to improve the energy of your home or business to support your personal & spiritual development through a personalized study that fulfills your needs.

You've been suffering several problems in your life shortly after moving from home or business and you need a thorough study with solutions.

What can you get?

I always say that Vastu corrections are an investment. It’s a service that supports your health, well-being and personal development by helping to solve certain problems in your space that might be generating financial, emotional, psychological or spiritual frustration.

With the Vastu remedies, you’ll get…

Cures for your space

Remedies to certain problems that we've already detected analyzing the plans of your home or business.

Up-lift your energy

An energy change in your environment that supports your personal development, helping you to get aligned with your soul's purpose.

Personal and spiritual well-being

Energy flow corrections in your home or business that causes discomfort at mental, emotional, physical or subtle levels so that you feel better and your success flows in harmony with your higherSelf.

Changes in your life

Living, working or meditating in a more inspiring space will facilitate positive changes in different aspects of your life in a maximum period of 6 months.

The method

How do I work?

Each project is a different world and presents a different complexity so I like to study each one with the rigor it deserves, establishing an honest communication with the client. For the corrective process I use small pieces of marble and copper brought from India that I place in specific places of the space depending on the geometry, orientation and peculiarities of the case to be treated, testing each step with the help of a lecher antenna and metal dowsers.

Once the corrections are made, the energy change is immediate and is noticeable for people of great sensitivity. However, significant changes in the person’s life may take up to 6 months to be noticed.


The plans

Indispensable to have the plans of the property with the exact North location.



I analyse the geometry, orientation, distribution and energy of space.



I comment the space and I transmit my feedback to the client.



I move to the place to correct “in situ” the energy of space.



There I value and correct other imperceptible factors in the plans.


Ready to enjoy!

The change of energy is immediate and perceptible for many people.

Standard fees:

  • Remedies for apartments
  • 450up to 60 m²
    • 50% in advance and 50% the day of the work at your place
    • Ideal for individuals or entrepreneurs working from their studio or apartment with a surface up to 60 m²
    • Spaces of any size up to 60 m²

  • Contact me
  • Remedies for homes
  • 675up to 100 m²
    • 50% in advance and 50% the day of the work at your place
    • Suitable for individuals or entrepreneurs working from their flat or house with an area of up to 100 m²
    • Special rates for surfaces over 100 m²

  • Contact me
  • Remedies for companies
  • 1210up to 100 m²
    • 50% in advance and 50% the day of the work at your place
    • For offices, commercial premises, factories, etc. of small/medium businesses
    • Special rates for surfaces over 100 m²

  • Contact me

These fees include:

Previous study on your plans, visit and work completely customized for your home or business.

Geopathy detection and correction in specific areas.

Cures to alleviate the negative effect of electromagnetic waves produced by Wifi, electronic devices, etc.

Interior design advices, space coaching and remedies with Vastu: guidance for furniture orientation, use of color, decoration, etc. according to your needs.

A personal counseling &coaching session if your circumstances require it.

The basic marble and copper material that I use to do the energy corrections.

21% VAT, but I can deduct it if you are a resident outside the European Union or a company outside Spain with intra-community VAT.

These fees don’t include:

Traveling expenses to your city or country. However, if I have to go to your city for other projects, it will be free! My base is in Vigo (Spain) but I often travel to Madrid, London, Oxford, Rome, Assisi, New Delhi, Mumbai and different points of the state of Kerala in India.

Sealing your energy body field in the case that you've had surgical operations.

Astrological consultations. I collaborate with a Vedic astrologer so if you believe in astrology, I can look for the most auspicious date to do the remedies in your space.

Examples of success:

House in Pontevedra (Spain)

This house didn’t present any relevant problem but after Vastu’s corrections, the house holder told me a few months later that he was feeling much more at ease and that it was a difficult feeling to explain with words. He also told me that his eyesight had improved and he stopped wearing glasses! (This surprised me a lot and when I told my Vastu teacher, he laughed because it had also happened to him after making the corrections in his own home …). Incredible!

Apartment in Madrid (Spain)

The woman who lived here noticed she was always feeling tired. She went to the doctor several times to do several checks but everything was normal in her health. In the end, she noticed that it was something related to her house because was never so tired when she was away traveling. When I visited the apartment, I realized that the space had an energetic problem that was making her feel this bad and got resolved after making Vastu’s corrections. And soon after that, she was feeling well again!

The ones who have tried it, they say:

Their testimonials:
These fees may vary depending on the complexity of the project. In addition, I have special prices for larger projects!