What’s the best direction to sleep in both hemispheres


One of the questions that people ask me more often is what’s the best direction to sleep. I must admit that there is a lot of confusion with this because people don't normally consider the hemisphere where they are. So in this post, I will tell you what’s the best direction to sleep according to Vastu Shastra and I will also explain you the reasons. There’s actually a simple logic behind that's related to science, the polarity of the earth and how all that influences the energy system of our body.     But, first of all, let’s talk about the cardinal points of


What’s Vastu Shastra and why they call it: “the yoga of architecture”


Every time people ask me what my job is and I mention the word “Vastu Shastra”, I notice that almost no one has heard of it. In Europe people know about yoga, have heard of ayurveda, astrology…but Vaastu? Nope! (This is when they ask me if it’s like Feng Shui, but this is a question that I will better answer in another post…) A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that she had found a book about Vastu Shastra in Spanish with the subtitle of “the yoga of architecture”. It made me laugh


Feng shui tips for your bathroom: discover its essential keys

feng shui tips bathroom

In today's post I will not talk about how to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom but rather I will give you some feng shui tips for your bathroom. The bathroom itself has certain sacredness because it’s where you get clean and purify so in today's post I'll leave you with a few simple key points to have a bathroom with a good chi. Here we go!   The bathroom should never be placed in the center of the house because the energy (money, work, health