My blog is back!

My blog is back!

Yes, my blog is back! But this one is different…

This new blog will be focused on problem-solving issues related to interior design for personal&spiritual wellbeing, using Vastu Shastra and yogic principles. I’ll address the most common questions that people ask me about Vastu, clarify what I call “miths and legends” about the subject and give you useful tips that you can implement in your life. I’ll talk about subjects such as what’s the best orientation to sleep or what’s the difference between Vastu and Feng Shui (everybody ask me that!)

If you remember, the previous blog was different. But, why did I stop writing? Well, that’s a long story…

When I started blogging about interior design for well-being in 2014, I already knew that wanted to be specialised in Vastu Shastra but was still looking for a good teacher who could introduce me into this ancient knowledge. And it was not easy to find! So in the meantime, I started to write about all my passions: travelling, interior design, product design, yoga…etc, linked with well-being. I also learnt a bit of Feng Shui and shared a few post about the subject, who turned out to be the most visited ones! (so I’ve decided to leave them because they received many visits at the time).

When I finally found my way to learn Vastu Shastra, I moved to India in 2015 with a research scholarship and soon after that, the unexpected opportunity to bring that research into a PhD in UK came up (in India!!!).

I was shocked by the way things were turned up.

At the time, the blog was starting to take off: sponsor opportunities were coming up, I joyfully and gratefully participated in interesting proposals and the number of readers and visits were increasing!

However, I felt my energy should be fully focused on my studies & research. I felt that the blog was not reflecting any more who I was at the time and when I started the PhD, I took it down.

Yes, I did so. And, I also disappeared from most of my social media accounts. I felt the need to be inwardly focused on my studies, spiritual development and see how I could start applying these sacred teachings in my job.

However, I think the time has arrived for me to start sharing with you some useful information about Vastu Shastra!

To be honest with you, am not sure yet how often I will be publishing but am hoping to do so 2-4 times a month, depending on the time I have. If you are very interested in the subject, I encourage you to sign-up for the newsletter so you will be receiving every new post directly into your mail box. You can do it here!

I’m happy to be back and show up to you!

Lots of love & light



*Photo: Taken from Harmony and Design