The ultimate guide to improve your bedroom and your sleep

mejorar tu dormitorio y dormir mejor

The ultimate guide to improve your bedroom and your sleep

If you suffer from insomnia or you’re not able to rest well at night without knowing why, this post is for you! I’ve prepared the ultimate guide to improve your bedroom and your sleep. Because your room environment affects you more than you could imagine!


Tell me, do you have troubles sleeping well without knowing why? I totally understand that feeling…


It happens often to me when I travel. Almost every time that happened to me, it was due to the room environment. Believe me, I always sleep very well everywhere but when I don’t, I normally end up discovering why. Because of my professional training, I started to realize several details about the room environment that affect the quality of sleep.


Many of those details are so subtle that often get unnoticed but make a difference. You can have a beautiful room with a spectacular decoration but if the energy doesn’t flow well, you won’t rest well. Vastu Shastra offers some guidelines regarding this.


Sleeping well is super important. There are more and more scientific studies that reflect the importance of good sleep for health and well-being.


And people are becoming more aware of certain habits that improve their sleep such as: taking care of a daily routine before going to bed, exercising, changing the diet to a healthier one, reducing caffeine, etc.


All that is very good, it’s important, but I notice very few people pay attention to the quality of their bedroom environment. Here I mean the energy quality that goes beyond comfort. It’s usually conditioned by the design but there are many things you can do to improve your bedroom and sleep better.


The bedroom should be treated as a sanctuary to relax, disconnect, recharge, sleep soundly, ponder decisions with the pillow, etc. Many people ask me what they can do to optimize it but there are so many details!


And that’s why I decided to prepare this guide.


Download now the ultimate guide to improve your bedroom and your sleep:


In it, I reveal 20 keys you should avoid & adopt based on Vastu, various studies, and my own experience to improve your bedroom and sleep better.


improve your bedroom and sleep

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At last you’ll have the keys for a “zen” bedroom that will help you sleep and rest better.

I’m sure it will help you

Lots of love and light,