Where to place mirrors following Vastu Shastra at home

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Where to place mirrors following Vastu Shastra at home

In this post we will talk about where to place mirrors following Vastu Shastra, as well as the places you should avoid. We all have mirrors at home, they’re super useful, right? But… if they’re not properly placed, they can stress you out without realizing it or even affect the quality of your sleep at night.


Apart from the function they have, they’re also widely used in interior design to decorate and create a sense of spaciousness to a room, but many people don’t realize the energy impact they can cause if they’re not properly placed. They can cause distortion or disharmony in the energy of a space.


There are people who are very sensitive to this type of subtle energies but are not aware that their discomfort may come from some sort of energy imbalance caused by a poorly placed mirror in their home.


Mirrors have the ability to reflect, redirect, expand, reverse or duplicate subtle energy. Here, I find that Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra agree on many parameters and today I will highlight the most important ones.


place mirrors following Vastu


Let’s start with where not to place a mirror in your home according to Vastu Shastra!


Where not to place mirrors according to Vastu Shastra


facing the bed

A mirror should never be placed in the bedroom reflecting the bed because it will influence your rest and you will surely sleep bad. If this is your case and you cannot move it, you can cover it with a cloth when you go to sleep.


Here it’s also important to value the nuances. For example, if you have a mirror above a dresser in front of the bed but it doesn’t reflect it because it is much higher, you don’t have to worry, it probably won’t affect you. I have had that case for years and being a HSP person, I have always slept great.


In front of the main entrance door

A mirror should never be placed in front of the main door entrance because it will reflect the energy that enters. It’s important that the energy that enters through the main door is distributed throughout the house so, if there is a mirror as soon as you enter the door, the energy that enters will automatically bounce out.


Facing the clutter

Disorder generates disharmony and reflecting it with a mirror, we would be doubling that energy of disharmony. So if you have a part of a room that is almost always messy, try not to put a mirror in front of it.


In front of other mirrors

Two facing mirrors would be reflecting each other practically to infinity, causing a chaotic and unbalancing energy.




Where to place mirrors following to Vastu Shastra


Where you feel they give spaciousness to the space and reflect the environmental beauty

Mirrors are a great resource to give a greater amplitude to a space, reflect the light and beauty of a corner that causes us special well-being.


It can be placed in a corner to reflect a room and give it greater depth as in the attached photo or reflecting some sacred element to “duplicate” its vibrations throughout the space.


Next to a door to redirect energy

This is done strategically to redirect energy through a room from the main door. For example, in English houses, it’s very common to find the stairs that go to the upper floor right in front of the main entrance door. This causes the energy to go directly upstairs without being well distributed downstairs. If you strategically place a mirror, you can redirect the energy so that it reaches both floors.


Strategic places to know who enters the door

Within a room, Vastu not only recommends that the furniture lay out follow a certain orientation, but also considers where the entrance door to the room is located. Ideally, you can see who enters the room without having to move! If, for example, in your living room you don’t see who enters through the door when you are sitting on the sofa watching TV, you can strategically place a mirror to see through it who enters. On an unconscious level, it will give you greater security and control.


In front of your desk

Mirrors are vital for certain professions such as dance, yoga, a gym, etc. because they help you correct body posture. However, if your work is more of an office job sitting at in a desk where your concentration must be fixed on the computer, constantly seeing yourself reflected in a mirror while you work, can give you the feeling of being “watched” and that can make you work in tension. Also, it will divert your concentration so I don’t recommend it.


My recommendation with the use of mirrors according to Vastu is that you carefully assess where to place them doing tests before fixing them on the wall. This includes following your intuition and paying attention to the sensations that placing it in one place or another awakens in your body, how it makes you feel and what vibes brings to the room.


The most important thing is that you adapt the theory to your needs so that it works for you, your home and your family in the most harmonious way.


Reflecting lots of light and love to you,



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