Discover your personal tree with Vastu and Jyotish astrology

descubre tu arbol personal con Vastu y Jyotish

Discover your personal tree with Vastu and Jyotish astrology

In this post, discover your personal tree with Vastu and Jyotish astrology as well as the tradition behind “your tree”: when and how to plant it. If you’re going to be a mom or dad very soon, I think you’ll love knowing it for your baby!


There are many Vedic traditions connected with nature and the environment that surrounds us. Vastu is very extensive and also includes gardening and landscaping. I never get tired of saying that’s interconnected with the science of Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology. Today’s post is a clear example of this!


discover your personal tree with Vastu and Jyotish astrology


The way to know your personal tree is through your astrological natal chart. According to Indian tradition, we’re  born under the influence of an astrological star. In Vedic astrology, there’re 27 astrological stars, called Nakshatras. And each of those birth stars has an assigned tree.


So, to discover which is your personal tree, you only need to know first your Nackshatra (birth star). If you already know it, discover your personal tree right now, in the following table:


trees assigned to birth stars


The tradition states that each person born under the influence of a particular star must plant and take care of that tree. And now, you may be wondering where you could plant it …


Where, when and how to plant your personal tree with Vastu:


If you live in a house with land and you have doubts about the best place to plant it, this post about Vastu tips for your garden related to where to plant the best trees will help you.


The tradition contemplates two ways:

  • Where the person’s placenta has been buried.
  • Where the person was buried when he died, so that the tree preserves the memory of him.


If you are going to be a mom or dad soon and you want to plant a tree in his/her honor, now you know that it should be planted where your baby’s placenta is buried, after birth.


According to P.V. Ouseph, due to this practice, a minimum of 27 different tree species may be protected in the house site to preserve the bio-diversity. This is great but… what if you wanted to plant your personal tree now?


I don’t see reasons why you couldn’t do it! The important thing is that you do it with the right consciousness, with love, and take care of the tree as it deserves. Trees, although they cannot speak or move, they’re living beings that do a lot for us. They require care, attention and although it may not seem like it, they are sensitive to our energy.


Recently, I have heard of a female ritual called “sowing the moon” (I hope I translated it properly to English…). It is a practice in which women honor the blood of their menstrual cycle as a symbol of fertility, offering it to Mother Earth by watering a plant, flowers or the garden with it. In this case, I wonder: why not also the personal tree?


The personal tree could be used as a symbol of the tree of life for personal and spiritual growth. The most important thing is, once again, the consciousness and awareness that one puts into it.


Big hugs of light to grow together,




Photos: Julia Dalalba