What’s the best direction to work in both hemispheres

best direction to place your desk

What’s the best direction to work in both hemispheres

Have you ever wondered how much the direction of your desk is affecting your productivity and well-being at work? Many people ask me about what’s the best direction to sleep but, as far as I remember, nobody has asked me yet what’s the best orientation to place the desk where you work…8h every day?

And, guess what? It matters.

You may not be conscious of it but the orientation and disposition of your desk in a room affects you. I changed mine a year ago and I noticed a big difference! I feel more centred and inspired.

So, in this post, I will explain you what’s the best direction to work in the north and south hemisphere so you can orientate your desk accordingly to be more productive.



In yoga, it’s recommended to meditate facing East or North for a better practice and, Vastu Shastra also recommends the same orientation to work more effectively. It helps to be more inspired and focused so your productivity improves.

However, due to the magnetic polarity of the Earth, the best direction to work changes depending on the hemisphere where you are located.

The best orientation to work in both hemispheres is to sit facing East. You get the benefits of energy movement of the Earth as it turns towards East around its axis. Facing East also aligns the frontal energy axis of your body so this orientation will help you to be more centred in your higher Self.

Facing North is also good if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and, South if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you are a visual person like me, you will enjoy the diagram bellow:


best direction to work


By the way, I noticed that people have the tendency to place their desk towards the wall. Is that your case? That reminds me when teachers at school used to punish children when they were naughty, facing the wall. Giving their back to the rest of the class…

I understand that is done for practical reasons to optimize the space but, in terms of energy, it’s not a good practice to do.


*A tip you should consider:

You should cover your back. That’s an instinct practice humans need to have to be more at ease and, it’s also applicable to the space where you work too!

The ideal is to be able to see the door entrance where you are and have a wall, shelf or cupboard behind you. That will make you feel more protected. Nobody will watch from behind what you have in your screen and you will feel safe in the middle of a conference call.

For example, do you remember what happened to that journalist when he was in the middle of an interview with the BBC? (If you don’t, have a look here (It’s veeeery funny to watch but I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes…would you?)

Every space has different peculiarities and it’s not always easy to follow the recommendations I may give you but do your best. Use your common sense to arrange the space in a way that works for you: it should be practical, comfortable and make you feel good!

I hope that this post was helpful and…have you ever noticed how the orientation affects you? I will be happy to hear from you in the comments bellow!

Sending you lots of love,


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Image: Thefancythings via Pinterest