5 Benefits of Vastu Shastra for business

5 Benefits of Vastu Shastra for business

A few weeks ago, I spoke with a senior Indian manager and he told me that his boss, the founder of the multinational for which he works, has been working with a Vastu Shastra consultant for more than 20 years. He told me that his business began to grow and grow since he incorporated Vastu Shastra guidelines for the space of the company.

And, you may be wondering… but his success was due to Vastu or due to his hard work?

Well… it’s clear that the space of your company won’t do the work for you. You have to do your best and make sure you do the right thing at all times. And Vastu helps! Vastu brings an atmosphere with “good vibes”, a healthier and more harmonious environment that inspires not only you, but also all team members.

I’m going to give you an example. Imagine an athlete who practices sailing, what will he do to make the ship sail better? It isn’t necessary to be an expert in navigation to know that it will go faster following the current of the sea and/or the wind direction. In addition, the internal distribution of the ship weight also counts.

The energy flow generated by the marine current and the force of the wind are just two of the many energy flows that are present around us. There are many sutil energy flows affecting us without being conscious of it. Vastu Shastra for business helps your company “to flow” in the right direction by aligning you with these energy flows that are already present in the natural environment. It’s not about manipulating the energy, it’s about aligning yourself with it in an harmonious way.

For example, this includes orientating yourself better by moving the table where you work, neutralize the radiation of electronic devices that are close to you, assess the distribution of space, the use of decorative elements, etc.

There are many parameters that come into play and … each space is different! It’s worth investing in a personalized Vastu Shastra studio for companies. The benefits you can get are huge!

vastu shastra for business

5 great benefits of Vastu Shastra for business:

Here I mention only the greatest benefits of Vastu Shastra can bring to companies. They are as follows:


1. Earn more money

The first time I made the Vastu Shastra corrections in a company, within a few months, the business started to earn more income than ever before!

Money is a form of energy and there are some spaces that, according to Vastu, have some specific problems that can block the entry of money. Many cases have an easy solution and can be solved without building works, but it’s necessary to make a preliminary study to assess it.

If you’re curious to know if your company presents any problem that may be affecting the finances according to Vastu Shastra, I recommend you download this guide (especially if you work from home because it is focused on homes -but the principles are the same for companies too-).


2. Have greater mental clarity to make the right decisions

The comment I hear most often from my clients is that, within a few months after making Vastu’s corrections, they feel more clarity in their lives. And, in the business world, it is essential to have mental clarity to make the right decisions. Especially if you are in a position of responsibility!


3. More inspiration and creativity at work

One of the most common effects I have observed is that, after making Vastu Shastra’s energy corrections, the space helps you to be more aligned with your soul.

According to Yogananda, the soul is individualized spirit. And, the meaning of inspiration, as the proper name implies, refers to the action of being in the spirit. That’s why ideas and creativity flow better!

As I tell you … inspiration is directly linked to spirituality. And… the greater the inspiration, the greater the flow of creativity.


4. A healthier and more harmonious space to work

How many hours do you spend daily at work? This is an especially critical aspect for all those who spend hours and hours in the office, sited in front of a computer.

Ergonomics, functionality, cleanliness, correct orientation of the furniture, the decoration that surrounds us, have green spaces around you, good lighting, make sure you are not sitting just above a geopathy, … etc

There are many factors that influence you when working in a healthy and harmonious environment. Vastu provides many guidelines to achieve this, especially related to the subtle energies of the work environment.


5. Get higher productivity

The points I’ve just mentioned above are the key ingredients to be more productive.

There are many studies that ensure that productivity increases when one is happy. Working in a functional space is important to produce effectively but to give you mental clarity, inspire you and make you feel at ease… it surely gives you a greater performance!

I hope this post has helped you to know what Vastu Shastra can do for your business.

Thanks for sharing it with all those who you think could be interested!

Lots of love and light from India,




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