How to improve your bedroom for a better sleep

How to improve your bedroom for a better sleep

I noticed that many people have issues to sleep properly at night. Is that your case too? Then, this post is for you! I will tell you all you need to know to improve your bedroom for a better sleep.

Sleep properly is very important for your health, well-being and performance in your daily life. However, people don’t usually pay that much attention to their bed or room environment. That’s why I created this post.


There are many things your could do to your bedroom to improve your sleep and rest. I will go straight to the point and mention to your the most important ones for your bed:

  • Use natural fabrics for your sheets such as cotton, linen, silk…
  • Avoid having electronic devices near you such as telephone (I know this one may be hard but you should do it), TV, Ipad…all these generate a magnetic field that can be felt by our bodies while we are sleeping.
  • Choose a good mattress. That is very important for your back and to feel very comfortable. Nowadays there are many choices that you can even have a look in the internet.
  • Choose the best orientation for your bed: the orientation of your bed can influence significantly the quality of your rest. So I recommend you have a look to this post about the best direction to sleep in both hemispheres according to Vastu.
  • Change your pillows at least once in a year. That is something we should do, believe it or not. Of course we all change the sheets weekly but pillows and mattress are considered very intimate items so if you are planning to move into a new house with furniture, you know already what you have to change first of all. The energy of the another person/couple still reminds in the mattress!
  • Use natural essences: In aromatherapy there are many aromas that help to calm down your system. You can use a burner essence for that or have a little bag with these herbs under the pillow. I’m a big fan of the lavender; it has so many great uses!

Of course all these tips would work better in a silent and ventilated room. It’s important to seep at least 8 hours a day and the quality of our rest influences our mood and health so it’s important to watch also the bedroom environment.

Other important factors your should consider:

There are so many things you have to consider, apart of your bed. The bedroom environment is also very important and there si so much to say about it that I’ve decided to create this ultimate guide that you can download now, for free!

In it, I give you 20 keys to improve your bedroom and not only your bed for a better sleep.

You can download it bellow for free!


improve your bedroom and sleep

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At last you’ll have the keys for a good bed and bedroom that will help you sleep and rest better.

Lots of love and light,



*Pictures: Dalalba and Pinterest