How to get a good energy in the living room with feng shui

How to get a good energy in the living room with feng shui

I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time in my living room at home, I feel so cosy… I think that after the bedroom is one of the most important room in the house for feng shui. It’s an ideal place for communication, receiving friends, watch TV, listen to music, relax… and of course, to be with the family so the room should be a yang place with lots of light. In my parents’ house the public place for family reunions is the kitchen (perhaps because the Galician people loves eating). It may be the case of many people, gather around the table. But not for the Chinese. I found it very curious that for them the kitchen is a private place because that’s where the food is cooked and for them, you are what you eat.

In today’s post I’ll give you some practical tips for a good energy in your living room using the principles of feng shui. Here I go! Are you ready?

  • Cleaning primarily, it’s not necessary to know feng shui for this but it is very important so avoid accumulating old newspapers or magazines, among other things.
  • Be very careful with the placement of electronic equipment. TV and power devices activate the energy.
  • Place a mirror to duplicate the abundance but be careful, not anywhere. You can learn more about it in this other post I published recently regarading the mirrors in feng shui.
  • Place a square or rectangular table in the center and this one must never be higher than the couch.
  • The dining room and living room must be on the same level.
  • Dining room chairs must always be placed in pair numbers to build camaraderie and love. It may seem silly but it’s not.
  • Placing porcelain vases is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.
  • Having an aquarium, wall clock or put fresh flowers will help to activate the chi.
  • Use of natural fabrics and materials for the furniture: wood, linen, cotton, wool … etc

And now tell me, do you already have a feng living room? I hope these simple tips will help you to have a good one!

Big hugs and happy Monday!

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