The stairs in Feng Shui

The stairs in Feng Shui


The stairs are those elements of connection between two spaces that make you go up and down. Everything that comes in, also goes out. And what goes up must come down. It happens the same with the energy and it must be able to flow properly for you to feel good and calm in your own home.

The stairs in Feng Shui, are one of those many elements that must take special care. The shape and the number of steps become important for the Chi to flow continuously to all floors of the house.


In the picture, I show a very illustrative example of what shouldn’t be. The design is really innovative, fantastic and cool. Perfect for an apartment of young people with fresh ideas but … Who of you would like to use this stairs in your daily life? They are a bit dizzy, right? Can you imagine your grandmother lowering them?

Stairs with good Feng Shui:

  • They should never be in front of the main entrance but if this is the case, place a mat in the middle to lower the speed so the Chi wouldn’t rise directly to the second floor leaving empty the first floor.
  • They should never be right in front of a room or bathroom’s door.
  • It is advisable to place pictures along the route to rationate the speed of the Chi.
  • Regarding the number of steps, these numbers are the most auspicious: 1,2,5,10,13,14,17 and 22.

This apartment is in Paris, is a work of the architectural studio Maaj and the result is quite spectacular with its wooden beams, wooden floors, a combination of black and white … but those stairs … are like a double-edged sword. So pretty and original as well as “dangerous”.


In addition, there are two stairs facing each other. This makes the energy going up and down endlessly, in a circular way, concentrating all the chi there and leaving the rest of the house … “naked”. And I repeat the question,

Can you imagine your grandmother walking down these stairs?

* Photos: dezeen