How is your house energy in feng shui?

How is your house energy in feng shui?

Did you know that with the number of your house you can know the vibration of your home and how interfere in the people who live in? Each house, flat, apartment number … vibrates with a particular energy so today we will talk about numerology in feng shui. Depending on the number you have, the meaning is different and it may bring to your life what you need. To me has given me the spot! Can I help pyu figure it out your number? It is very easy.

The numbers have an energetic vibration that affects the space in which we move and live and it can be in harmony with your own numerical vibration or not but it tells you what to expect from your house. Unbelievable but true.

If we join the numbers of the address we can know the vibration of the place.

  • For example: c / Alcalá No. 126 = 1 + 2 + 6 = 9

If we add the numbers on our floor and letter, we get the vibration of our house.

  • For example: Apartment 3ºA = 3 + 1 = 4

Microsoft Word - Lección TRES.docx

And this is the result:

  • ONE: one vibration is ideal for those who want a new start or someone very independent. Ideal for individuals who want to live alone.
  • TWO: perfect for couples and stable relationships.
  • THREE: ideal house for communication, mobile, e-mail … sometimes can be a bit chaotic.
  • FOUR: households give a lot of importance to work, career and commitments above the family. They are very responsible people. Sometimes too much!
  • FIVE: that’s the perfect number for a party house, sociability and fun entertainment .It always has important visits.
  • SIX: they are ideal for a family with children and it will be always the place for the whole family to meet.
  • SEVEN: spiritual homes, for those who are more introverted or want to develop their interiors and personal development.
  • EIGHT: That is number of the money so in this home people will have their attention on economic issues. Thay may get increased their incomes but not necessarily.
  • NINE: Nine is the number of universal compassion, this house number would be ideal for people who like volunteer projects and can concluded things to get a new start.

And your house … What number does it sum? Does it match your energy?