The Bagua map of Feng Shui

The Bagua map of Feng Shui

There are many different techniques for this ancient pseudoscience and today I’ll be talking about one of the best known techniques using the Bagua map of Feng Shui. I’m sure after reading this post you will be able to apply some of these very useful tricks to improve your home’s energy.

The Bagua map must be placed on the floor of your house oriented according to the main entrance. Every household has different types of energy and in this map they are distributed in eight parts that have to be in perfect balance so that your life is in perfect harmony.

They correspond to the eight great aspirations in life: family, wealth, fame, love, children, donors, work and knowledge.

How do I use it? First locate the main entrance to be found in one of the three lower quadrants (blue-black-white) and then you can identify the rest. To harmonize each quadrant you can use elements that are indicated, for example, in quadrant 4 you can place 4 purple square pots with green plants so you can increase your wealth.

I loved my apartment almost from the first moment I moved into it because it makes me feel very comfortable and it seemed odd that my guests always ended up staying much longer than expected 🙂 When I did my course of Feng Shui in India, I understood the reasons to why it is important to analyze the Bagua.

I have some examples for my apartment:

  • Black quadrant, 1 (career & work): This part is the main entrance to my house and just above the office where I usually work.
  • White quadrant, 6 (trips & useful friends): Here I have my space for guests and many travel guides on a shelf with books.
  • Pink quadrant, 2 (love & relationships): Just where my room is.
  • Purple quadrant, 4 (wealth & fortune): here is the bathroom of my house and after knowing that is the area of finance I try to leave the toilet seat down symbolically so that all of my good fortune doesn’t go down the drain.
  • Yellow quadrant, 5 (health & vitality): Here is the dining area and the table had a broken leg for three weeks…? At that time I injured knee. Is it a coincidence? It stopped hurting as soon as I managed to fix the table…

Surely many people do not believe in these things, I was one of them at first but after analyzing my own house I realized that we do many things unconsciously that affects positively or negatively on our mood. ‘ll Gradually be giving some tricks for Feng Shui to improve your space environment. 😉

* Image | Vivafengshui