Vastutips to improve the water quality of your home

improve water quality

Vastutips to improve the water quality of your home

In Vastu is very important to harmonize the five elements present in nature (air, earth, fire, water and ether) and in this post I’m going to share some Vastu tips to improve the water quality in your home. I have to say that the information I share here it’s more focused on healthy tangible aspects of the water element, rather than energetic Vastu recommendations.


All elements are important in for living beings, we couldn’t live if we lack air to breath, earth to grow, the fire of the sun to give us light and water to drink. In our homes, the water element is one of those you use for many different things and you normally take for granted.


I remember once, when I was living in Madrid, the administrator of our building forgot to pay the water bill and its supply got cut off for 2-3 days…Can you imagine what we had to go through? My neighbours and I couldn’t flash our toilets, take a shower, use tap water to wash the dishes…


That’s one of those things we take it for granted. Vastu can offer you many tips to harmonize or uplift the use of this element in your home but have you ever wondered about the water quality you’re consuming?


That’s exactly what I’m going treat in this post, offering ways to improve it 🙂


I recently read an article from an American wellness architect who stressed the risks that municipal or well water has in your health. According to her, public water supply can be contaminated with bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals and the health risks are gastrointestinal disorders, reproductive issues and neurological disorders. They normally add chlorine to kill harmful bacteria but that can have negative effects on human health if the exposure is high.


Well water also has many of the health risks of public water and can also contain radon or arsenic, which are known for being carcinogens. Farm activity or a septic tank nearby can also affect the water quality.


So, what can you do to avoid this and improve its quality? Here you have some Vastutips to improve the water quality in your home:


vastu tips to improve the water quality at home


1) Do a water testing:


The Groundwater Foundation recommends to test private well water a minimum of once per year. It’s important to identify existing problems that may have, ensure it’s suitable for the use you’re giving to it wether is drinking or bathing, track changes over time and determine the effectiveness of a treatment that you might have given to it in the past.


If you type on google “water quality testing” you’re likely to find many certified laboratories nearby that you can contact to do this test for you. You will discover the PH of the water you have at home as well as its level of potability, coliform bacteria, nitrate, ions, sulfate, fluoride…etc



2) Ways to improve your water quality:


Once you get the results from the laboratory, you’re likely to receive some recommendation from an expert regarding the next step for you to improve it.


Here I give you a list of the most common types of contamination agents that the water could present and how to treat them:


  • Turbidity: that’s the amount of cloudiness or haziness present in water, it can be improved adding a sediment filter to the water pipe.


  • Coliform bacteria: they’re organisms present in the environment, most of coliform bacteria are harmless but their presence in drinking water indicates that feces or sewage could be in the water system. It normally can be amended with the use of UV Sanitation System.


  • Dissolved metals: Metals, and heavy metals in particular, are common contaminants of concern in groundwater and stormwater run-off. It normally comes through industrial production, agriculture, landfilling, mining, transportation or due to naturally occurring minerals, rocks and soils. The implementation of a Reverse Osmosis System to remove these contaminants from water will be of great help.


  • Organic Chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides: Those are human-made, they don’t appear naturally in drinking water. Organic chemicals could come by the influence of some industries, affecting the soil throwing away their organic wastes. The installation of Activated Charcoal Filters can help to purify the water.



3) Tip to reduce the amount of chlorine in your shower:


If you live in the city and you consume city water, that’s likely to be treated with chlorine or chloramine. That’s the normal procedure to kill organic bacteria but it can dry your skin and air.


In ayurveda, our skin is treated as an organ that absorbs nutrients from the food we eat and the cosmetics we use. So, if you feel the water you use is drying your hair or skin too much, you can filter it.


So, what can you do?


It’s as simple as installing a Vitamin C shower filter to neutralize the chlorine and chloramine! There’re many models on the market you can check out. Your hair and skin will appreciate that! 🙂


So these were the recommendations I had to give you to improve the water quality you already have at home. If you’re interested to improve its vibration to have a high frequency, I give a class on that in my on-line course How to harmonize your home for spiritual growth where I share a secret Vastu tip I discovered while doing Vastu corrections. 


Taking care of your water is taking care of you!

With love and light,