Feng shui for children’s rooms

Feng shui for children’s rooms

A few days ago I was asked to help with the fit out of a children’s room for two girls (4 and 1 year old) so I thought about sharing these simple tricks of feng shui for children’s rooms  to their mum and also, with you. If you are a mother or father will help you as well, although a lot of these points are more common sense! 🙂

  • It is important to recreate in their space all areas of their life: education, creativity, family, travel, sports … so they must have items such as books, family photos, trophies and school diplomas, drawings, musical instruments, uniforms …
  • The crib should be placed against the wall for them to feel with more support and security, in will enhance a peaceful sleep.
  • Practicing order and donate all those toys that are not used.
  • If possible, use another room for playground to keep quiet the bedroom, destined only and exclusively to study or rest.
  • Use pastel shades and neutral tones to calm their energy.

Always try to avoid:

  • Excess of toys and bright colors.
  • Place the crib or bed near the window, this generates insecurity.
  • In the case of bunk beds, place the shyest child on top.
  • Place far from the bed all electronic devices (monitors, radios, alarms …) because it creates an electromagnetic field around it. Place half a meter away from the bed or cot.
  • Avoid placing beds or cots in the corner of a room or in the middle of it.
  • Avoid too high or robust closets as they can afflict the children.

Do you have children at home? If you have any questions with these guidelines you can always leave me a comment asking any doubt you may have.

Big hugs and happy weekend!

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