The use of prints in Feng Shui

The use of prints in Feng Shui


The prints, colours, designs and patterns are very important within a space, not to mention its combination! So when choosing patterned wall covering or upholstery it is important to study well what we want to achieve with their use. In this post I will talk about the use of prints in Feng Shui.

 In Feng Shui each of the 5 elements has a print or pattern associated and we can play with them depending on whatever element we need to enhance:

  • Wood: for vertical, tall and thin designs. They help style and feel elevated and inspired.
  • Fire: for triangular and pointed geometries. Encourage a greater mental agility and promote intuition.
  • Earth: for drawings and horizontal planes. Help you feel more grounded and focus to think further.
  • Metal: for round prints, vaulted, and organic to focus on achieving purposes.
  • Water: for drawings and prints with irregular, curved or mottled reasons. Good to access deeper Chi energy to find more original ideas within us.

According to colour psychology, vivid colours bring joy into space and this is reflected fully in the mood of the people. However, an excessive amount of colour can reach stress or oppress.


Here it is the example of the stand of Hans J. Wegner furniture with upholstered designs from the great British designer Paul Smith. A striped wall like this could be great for a waiting room, for example, but … Can you imagine a room with 4 walls decorated like that? The mere thought makes me want to make the run…

* Photos: Julia Vidal Alvarez