Holistic projects with a common philosophy of innovation and exclusivity in harmony with nature to foster a sense of well-being between body, mind and soul. Interior spaces reflect the inner essence of each person and at the same time, the environment that surrounds us has an impact on our health and well-being. So I harmonise that by combining ancestral traditions such as the ancient architectural system of India called Vastu Shastra and geobiology.


Consultancy based on Vastu Shastra and Geobiology to harmonize the energy of a space with the aim to provide transformative spaces for well-being. In Geobiology, natural energies that emanate from the earth (geopathies) are studied together with artificial radiations coming from new technologies (wifi, electronic devices,etc). My job is to analyse them and turn down its negative influence using special remedies made with marble and copper.


Interior design for the body, mind and soul. I offer healing sessions to balance the body’s complex energy system in a holistic way combining Vastu Shastra techniques, healing sessions and psychological counselling based on yoga philosophy. The goal is to harmonize the different levels (mental, emotional, physic and etheric) and help the person connect with his/her true essence for a higher level of consciousness and a happier life.

There are many studies in the field of medicine, neuroscience and environmental psychology that demonstrate the impact of architectural space on the health and well-being of people.

Holistic design

I’m Julia, interior architect and healer, founder of Diseño al alba (Dalalba). I cultivate architectural design for well-being with the goal to align people with their souls through space. I consider we are a soul living in a temple called body that lives in another temple called “home” and well-being lies in harmonizing both temples energetically. This is my line of work in relation to interior design, relying on ancestral traditions of connecting man with nature through the rigor of my academic research. Would you like to know more?

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