I’m Julia!

Architect specialized in interior design for well-being, space coach and Vastu Shastra consultant.

I help companies and particulars get aligned with their soul through the space in which they work&live so they find their purpose in life, feel more fulfilled, prosperous and happy. I  correct energy flow problems in businesses and homes that cause discomfort at mental, emotional, physical or in the subtle levels of your being.

more about me
Problems I help solving  

How can I help you?

The problems I help to solve and the needs I satisfy are common for everyone, however my approach is more focused to the following types of companies and individuals:

You’re company

Architectural studios

You need a Vastu Shastra & Geobiology consultant for projects in India or you would like to add value to your projects beyond the functional and aesthetic sides.

Real estate agencies

It is costing you a lot of work to sell or rent certain properties and you don’t understand why or you need to provide an extra benefit to your luxury real estate offer.

Companies in the wellness sector, coaches, therapists and yoga studios

You would like to attract more customers to your business that’s not taking off, increase its financial benefits or you wish to increase the space’s well-being.

You’re particular

Yogis and spiritual seekers

You are interested in living and/or working in a space that aligns you with your Self to improve your personal and spiritual wellbeing, you are looking for your soul’s calling or you need to heal some energy blockages.

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

You are a HSP with a sensitive perception higher than usual so you need to live in a space more harmonious with nature, free of electromagnetic radiations or geopathies.

Leaders and entrepreneurs

You are a person with a high position of responsibility committed to your personal well-being or you are an entrepreneur who works from home and you need to optimize your space to perform better.

What is Vastu Shastra & Geobiology good for?

The most significant benefits are:

Healthier spaces

For improving people’s vital energy harmonizing it with the laws of nature and to heal problems caused by geopathies or Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) related issues.

Improves the quality of life

For a better rest and sleep and, have more peace of mind, be more at ease and relaxed at home, more productive, increase your finances, etc.

Personal & spiritual well-being

For helping people be more centred and aligned with their soul through the space in which they live and/or work, find their purpose in life, feel more fulfilled, prosperous and happy.