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Holistic Design

Vastu design in harmony with nature
Holistic design
What’s it?

Design with Vastu is not easy; It means taking into account many parameters that regular architects don’t contemplate. My philosophy advocates for the creation of conscious and sustainable projects to promote spaces in harmony with nature, with the aim of obtaining a maximum well-being for your body, mind and soul. To do this, I combine the ancestral wisdom of Vastu with principles of sacred spaces, geobiology, bioconstruction, use of natural materials and furniture design according to the needs of each project.

My personal experience
 How did I get here?

I always wondered, since I was studying in the ETSAM, how architecture affects health and well-being beyond the physical space and comfort. I wanted to know its psychological and emotional impact but thanks to Vastu Shastra, I’ve realized the importance of the energetic, spiritual, metaphysical and holistic aspect. It is very important to know how to design well from the beginning following the principles advised by Vastu to build buildings in harmony with the environment that generate well-being for its occupants.

How can I help you? 

Designing with Vastu isn’t easy. If you’d like to do the project on your own following its principles, it’s necessary to take into account some parameters that a conventional architect don’t consider. I can guide you during the process for you to know how to design the house of your dreams, the space of your successful business or the reform you are planning!

  • Design consultancies for particulars

    • Design consultations for individuals or entrepreneurs
    • For houses, offices and commercial reformations
    • And also, space planning orientation

  • Design consultancies for professionals

    • Design consultations for architectural and engineering companies
    • For houses, offices and commercial projects
    • And also, space planning orientation

  • Vastu design

    • Realización del anteproyecto y proyecto básico
    • Para reformas de viviendas, oficinas y locales comerciales
    • Y también obras de nueva planta

Recommended for you if you are a particular or entrepreneur who wants to reform or design your home, apartment, office or business. You’d like to do it by yourself but need help and guidance to follow Vastu principles.

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This service is for you if you are an engineering company or architecture studio specialized in green architecture of you have projects in India that need to follow Vastu. No problem, I can guide you!

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This service is for you if you prefer me to design your project with Vastu. I have experience in interior architecture, design and renovations so I can combine it with my specialization in Vastu.

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Complementary design services:

I integrate my training in interior architecture, specialization in Vastu Shastra, the philosophy of yoga as a lifestyle with academic research in the field of sacred space with the aim of promoting a conscious design that can change and improve people’s lives. I am currently very focused on my doctoral research and the constant traveling lead me to select very well the type of integral projects that I can take.

On the other hand, I still have a lot of fun doing other creative projects such as graphic design and product design so I also offer it as a service whenever the project requires it, although it’s not my main activity now. And, I’d be delighted to do design collaborations with creative firms whose philosophy is to create a positive impact on the world or society.

So, shall we work together?

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Design portfolio:

This is my design portfolio with projects done in graphic design, interior architecture and industrial design. Many of the projects were created much earlier than becoming a Vastu expert so not all of them follow it.

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Monga Strayfield office

In Interiors


In Graphics

Folding seat

In Product

Temple of Joy

In Interiors

Emerald pendant

In Product


In Graphics

Nenha Hernani,49

In Interiors


In Product

Arguelles y Asociados

In Graphics

DecorAccion 2016

In Interiors


In Product

Ibéricos de Salamanca

In Graphics

Cervantes Penthouse

In Interiors

Twist lamp

In Product

Nenha Jorge Juan, 64

In Interiors

Magic Tiles

In Interiors

Loft in Nueva York

In Interiors
As each project is a different world … I recommend you request your personalized budget!