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Vastu consultations

for your home, business or company
Vastu Shastra consultations

Just show me the plans of the current state of your home, office or company indicating its exact North locacion and I can already tell you in what part of your life it’s affecting you. Yes, just with that! All what I do is to analyze its geometry and distribution in relation to the orientation, following the principles of Vastu. And depending on the space, its complexity and your needs, I can give you ideas, suggestions or remedies to improve it.

My personal experience

It is a long story…but if I had to sum it up in one sentence … I would say that Vastu Shastra allows me to combine all skills I have to help you. My passion for architecture, design, spirituality and personal development combined with healing skills takes me many times to analyze the plan of someone’s home and know about their problems, just by studying the plan. They often freak out and ask me: “- How did you know? “

Would you like to know how is affecting you the space where you live?

 If you have the plans, I can tell you!

And it’s that I have super powers to know it. NO WAY! The science and philosophy of Vastu Shastra had spent in India thousands of years observing the impact that architecture can have on different areas of your life: personal relationships, health, prosperity, success, etc. Simply analyzing the topography of its location, geometry, volumes and distribution in relation to a particular cardinal orientation, I can already see in what areas of your life it may be influencing you, in a good or bad way.

The method


Would you like to know if your home or business is negatively affecting any area of your life? Or … Do you need to ask me about any other particular issue? If you have the plans with the exact North direction, send it to me by e-mail and I’ll tell you! Here I explain you how we can do it:


Your drawing plans

It is essential to have the plans of your property with the exact North direction and if you can give me its degrees, much better! The geographical location is also important to see the topography of the land on Google Earth.



I analyze its geometry, orientation, distribution, geographic location and energy of the space with the plans you have sent me according to Vastu principles. I can also check how is the cosmic and earth energy flowing in a general way.


My evaluation

I can let you know in what area of your life (finantial, relationships, health…etc) your space might be affecting you. I will tell you that by e-mail or videoconference, depending on the type of query you have selected.

Standard fees:

  • Express consultation
  • 39by project
    • (32,2 € + 21% IVA= 39 €)
    • Contact by e-mail
    • For all those who are curious to know how the space in which they live or work is affecting them or have a specific question.
    • For particulars and small businesses.

  • Contact me
  • Regular consultation
  • 49per hour
    • (40 € + 21% IVA= 49 €)
    • By e-mail, videoconference or in person
    • Recommended for visits on-site, receive suggestions and obtain more information than in an express consultation.
    • For individuals and small businesses.

  • Contact me
  • Company consultation
  • 90per hour
    • (74,5 € + 21% IVA= 90 €)
    • By videoconference or in person
    • Complete consultations specialized in offices, companies, factories, etc. with area of up to 500 m²
    • For large companies

  • Contact me

With an express consultation, you’ll know …

In which aspects of your live is affecting you the space where you're living.

You'll know if the problems you are suffering could be influenced by the space where you live or work.

With a regular consultation, you’ll get…

All what I offer in an express consultation.

I'll help you to identify the root of your problems or blockages.

I'll offer you personalized suggestions to guide you with the solution of your problems.

If you're thinking of buying or renting a new house, you will know how it can influence you!

With a consultation for your company, you’ll get…

All what I offer in a regular consultation.

I'll give you space coaching suggestions and interior design ideas for a successful business.

I'll give you a written report with all points raised and suggested remedies for a successful business.

If you're thinking of buying or renting a new workspace, you will know how it can influence you!

The ones who have tried it, they say:

These rates may vary depending on the complexity of the project and I offer special prices for larger projects!