Holistic Design

Architecture in harmony with nature
Holistic Design

Creation of integral and sustainable projects to promote transformative spaces under a philosophy of innovation and exclusivity in harmony with nature, with the aim to obtain the maximum well-being between body, mind and spirit. For this I combine the ancestral wisdom of Vastu Shastra with principles of geometry and sacred spaces, geobiology, bioconstruction, the use of natural materials and product design depending on the needs of each project.

My personal experience

I have always wondered, since I was in the school of architecture, how architecture affects the health and well-being of people beyond physical space and comfort. I wanted to know its psychological and emotional impact but it took me 10 years to realize the importance of the spiritual and holistic aspect that Hinduism and even Christianity contemplated in many of their temples, so that is now my line of work and research.

Combination of different services: 

    • Interior refurbishing
    • Sacred spaces
    • Architectural planning

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    • Furniture
    • Special elements
    • Utensils, etc

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    • Corporate identity
    • Logos
    • Brochures, leaflets, etc.

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Integral projects:

Refurbishing or new projects from concept to construction management. I integrate my training in interior architecture and yoga philosophy with academic research in the field of sacred space to promote a new way of conscious design that can change and improve people’s lives.

I have a lot of fun doing graphic design and furniture so I also offer it as a service whenever the project requires it or separately as a freelance. I am currently focused on research and the constant trips take me to select the type of integral projects that I can take.

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Product design0

GRAPHIC DESIGN and Corporate identity0

Research in sacred space 0

As each project is a different world…I recommend you ask for your personal budget!