New Nenha: my latest project

New Nenha: my latest project


I haven’t published that much recently for the simple reason that I haven’t had time for anything and one always ends up giving priority to other things but now I can show you at last the work in which I have been involved during the latest months. I couldn’t wait see these pictures show them to you! It’s a beauty salon (or nail bar) specialized in manicure and pedicure located on Calle Hernani, 49 in Madrid very close to Nuevos Ministerios and Azca financial complex. It’s the second Nenha center, the first one already opened in the Barrio de Salamanca 6 years ago and have always been closely linked to the brand designing its corporate image since its very beguining.

The idea was to create a larger center that could become the headquarters of the brand, therefore, we knew we wanted to reflect their identity using its corporate colors and play with the symbolism of the logo. The logo, which I designed years ago, has a flower whose petals are made by nails that represents beauty so we wanted to move this idea to the whole space, creating an atmosphere of beauty and wellness in harmony with nature. Hence the importance they have the flowers, the vertical garden and the vegetation coming from the ceiling playing with natural and artificial light.

As the interior designer of the project, have lost the first impression effect long ago so I hope you like it as much as all the enthusiasm we have put in its conception. Here I show you more photos!

04.Nenha_Hernani_49LR 05.Nenha_Hernani_49LR

The reception desk and all manicure tables were designed to hide inside manicure items, all electrical cables and water pipes. They were implemented in Oporto by a team of craftsmen carpenters with whom I have worked on other projects. I love to work with them and design furniture!


The aluminum logo is backlit but is not very apreciable in the pictures because were taken them with a lot of daylight. We did it with Rotugráfica because I am delighted with the perfection of its finishes and have been always pleased to work with them.

09.Nenha_Hernani_49LR12.Nenha_Hernani_49LR 14.Nenha_Hernani_49LR

The SPA pedicure in pearly gresite  is already a symbol of the brand since we used it already for the first center of Calle Jorge Juan in Madrid. We wanted the interior design of both centers different but retaining certain corporate guidelines.


I wanted a vertical preserved garden since a long time ago and we did with Potshop, they are super professional and have been delighted with the result and their service!


This is the cabin for all aesthetic treatments such as eyelash extensions, makeup, waxing, facial hygienes, etc and in the following picture you will see the public toilet, I love the floor tiles!


Well, what do you think about the result?

Have a lovely week!


*photos: Dalalba

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