Dalalba in Nuevo Estilo magazine

Dalalba in Nuevo Estilo magazine


I haven’t published anything in this blog since many weeks ago as I haven’t stopped working and studying during all summer. I am immersed in an interior design project in Madrid that I really want to show you, but for now, I’d rather not give many details. You’ll have to wait for the first week of October to see it…

A few days ago, when I was leaving the building site, I passed by a newsstand and happened to catch a glimpse of the new magazine Nuevo Estilo and it was the number that gathered the intervention of DecorAcción 2016 in which I participated with my friend Rosa Alvarado. It’s always nice to buy the press and see that they mention your work so I’ve decided to share it on the blog but if you want to see better pictures of my intervention is best to have a look to this post.


Have a nice week!


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