Rustic design made with stone

Rustic design made with stone


Many times I wonder how to transform a rustic atmosphere with stone walls into a cozy, warm and modern environment so when I saw this project…I fell in love with it. It has everything I have always imagined: rustic stone walls, hydraulic tiles, wooden beams and white furniture in its purest minimalist style.

Almost all the houses of my family in Galicia are made of rustic stone and every time I observe this typical architecture of the region I imagine how would remodel each interior to make it more beautiful and elegant while giving that Feng Shui magic touch in order to get the maximum wellbeing. This project seems to solve everything with a mastery sensibility that you will surely love like in my case…

casa_samaria_55_de_pals_cases_singulars_de_l_emporda_389180821_1200x801 casa_samaria_55_de_pals_cases_singulars_de_l_emporda_948339055_1200x801 casa_samaria_55_de_pals_cases_singulars_de_l_emporda_492745124_1200x801 casa_samaria_55_de_pals_cases_singulars_de_l_emporda_581100558_1200x801 casa_samaria_55_de_pals_cases_singulars_de_l_emporda_868507096_801x1200 casa_samaria_55_de_pals_cases_singulars_de_l_emporda_974407130_1200x801 casa_samaria_55_de_pals_cases_singulars_de_l_emporda_537519433_1200x801

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