Being flexible in bed

Being flexible in bed

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If I say the word “bed” … what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
If you’re tired you may think … rest. If you are sleepy you might find it as the idyllic place to sleep. But if you’re thinking about your partner or the person you like, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is … sex! Is that true? And if you’re romantic one you may dreaming also with having breakfast in bed the next day on a silver tray with fresh flowers and orange juice freshly made. Why everyone will mainly associate the bed with their vital needs? To me was very funny to watch this week the ad made by the company flex for asexual people… have you seen it?

I must confess that I felt quite identified with the message, but not with the term asexual. I think that you don’t have to be sexual or asexual to enjoy the bed as a pleasure thing. What I mean is that I do not need the company of a man to enjoy it because there are many small pleasures in life that you can do in bed alone. For example, I love reading there because it’s where I concentrate myself better and my mind associates that task with “relax” instead of “study”. And what about those cold winter days where you go to bed early to watch a good movie or read that really good novel?

And… I love those stormy days in which it pours, it’s windy outside and you’re in bed sleeping well and warm while thinking … “Oh, how nice that tomorrow don’t have to get up early to go to work.” Do not tell me that’s not pure happiness! 🙂 If you think about it, the bed is the most important piece of furniture in the house because we spent almost half of our life sleeping there so it’s like a kind of refuge of comfort and relaxation for the body and senses


Otra de las cosas que me gusta hacer en cama es meditar. Y no necesariamente con la almohada. En mi ático cervantino tengo un altar y medito frente a él pero cuando viajo o estoy fuera casi siempre hago mi práctica diaria en la cama. También es el lugar por excelencia donde sueño despierta y dormida, donde me tumbo para hablar largo y tendido con mis amigas por teléfono, donde leo y donde estoy ahora mismo escribiendo este post. ¿Por qué tantos clichés con la cama cuando su uso se puede flexibilizar tanto?

Sólo hace falta un poco de imaginación… ¿Y a ti qué es lo que más te gusta hacer en la cama?

Another thing I like to do in bed is to meditate. And not necessarily with the pillow. I have an altar in my Cervantine home where I use to meditate but when am travelling I do my daily practice in bed. It is also the place where I dream slept and awake, where I lie for a long talk with my friends on the phone, where I read and where I am now writing this post. Why are there so many clichés regarding the bed when its use can be much more flexible?

It just takes a bit of imagination … And you what do you like the most to do in bed?

* Photos: Pinterest y Dalalba

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