The importance of aromas at home

The importance of aromas at home


A few days ago I walked into one of those shops full of beautiful items, pashminas, carpets and handicrafts typical of the Indian Kashmir region. I love the treasures they have! However, as soon as I walked through the door, I got a smell of a closed and old space. It didn’t inspired me at all but my eyes suddenly got distracted by the explosion of color from all the silk fabrics and beautiful items until the shop assistant came to offering his help. He spread a strong tobacco smell. Then his father came, also a smoker. The beautiful things perceived from my eyes suddenly turned the attention to the mixed of ugly aromas perceived my nose. It took me less than a minute to leave the store.

When we walked down the street and smell a waffle … oh that smell sweet! And it opens your appetite. You come to the house of your childhood and suddenly… that so characteristic smell evokes a ton of memories in your mind! The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, the scent of hyacinth blooming in the window of the bathroom, the smell of incense, the bouquet of fresh flowers on your desk, the feeling  of newly laid sheets on bed … Yes, the smell and aromas at home as well as in any other space is important. Evokes feelings, memories and … if the fragrance is in tune with us is a source of welfare. There are many flavors and essential oils that we can benefit from such as the properties of lavender at home or eucalyptus.

Try it and sit relaxed at home with your favorite natural aroma nearby. Free the mind of the millions of things you have to do and breathe. Inhale and exhale. Feel the air enter the nostrils, now feel the air coming out, feel the aroma coming in…every time you are more relaxed enjoying the experience… what’s that smell?

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